Pool Safety Concerns

We want our pool to be safe for kids and adults. We want no hazards, like unsafe ledges, loose stones, etc. Fencing for baby toddlers, alarms. For adults diving boards can be hazardous, slides need to be properly installed, ledges need to be designed to be safe. steps and rails for protection. Type of deck, is it too hot, rough, on feet, etc. Are there obstacles in the way of walking? Walkways too narrow. Hard access to too many stairs. Pool safety concerns.

Safety is very important. A good designer will address this right away. wrought iron fence concord deluxeYou want to have fun and be safe. The first step in safety is you. nothing can replace adult supervision. We like to consider protection in layers. The first layer being you.

Pool Safety Concerns.

There are different options to consider when designing the pool for safety. How old are your kids? Do they know how to swim? Is the back door in the pool area?

In some backyards, you can separate the yard and pool. a wall or fence or it may be on a different level. Pool safety concerns.

Check with your local building official for codes that will be required for your pool. Your designer should know what is required. Door alarms are required in most areas. They are battery-operated in case the power goes out. They are easy to install and are great when you sell the house. Another option is fencing. Your local code may require a fence around the yard. You may want to have an additional fence around the pool. There are Iron fences, wood, netting, plastic, and others. be sure the fence is installed correctly. Remember the fence is not fail-safe protection. Someone can leave the gate open, or it gets out of adjustment and won’t close. You are the first line of defense. Covers come in a variety of types for safety. Some are manual, requiring you to remove and replace as needed. Some covers are automatic and operate with a key. each of these has good and bad points. covers are bulky and hard to remove and replace. automatic covers are expensive and limit your design. Pool safety concerns.

Other items not as effective are motion alarms in the water. There is a sonic alarm which works great but is pricy. Floats and swimsuits help in the teaching of the child