Austin Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Fire and the Great Outdoors

Keeping Austin evenings aglow and friends and family warm when they need it.

Custom lighting was once the apex of back yard design. Those that wanted to create an environment for entertaining or for just spending some quality time with the family were bound by the limits of what could be accomplished with electricity.

Today’s back yards, however, take us back to our roots. Way, way back to our roots.

While custom light and other electrical elements certainly have their place, fire – actual, real fire – has made a comeback in a big way. Perhaps it’s a throwback to our base instincts. After all, humans have used fire as a way of gathering, sharing, and finding joy in the presence of others for millennia.

Except now we do it with the utmost in style.

Austin Pool Specialists is ready to bring Austin back yard fire pit and outdoor fireplace design out of the Stone Age and into the 21st century. Our focus on modern design using the latest materials means that your back yard fires will be beautiful, functional, and above all, safe.

Imagine what becomes possible when the element of fire is added to your back yard environment. Maybe it’s the pleasure of enjoying friends circled around a fire pit. Laughs and the stories told by those you hold dear combine with the crackle of wood as the occasional red ember floats toward the stars.

Those wishing to create a more formal setting might consider an outdoor fireplace instead. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance you know and love from your living room fireplace right in your back yard. Create a space that exudes complete comfort while family and guests relax in plush seating next to a roaring fire.

If you already have the vision for your perfect back yard environment, we’ll make sure that it’s brought to life using only the highest quality goods and materials. Sand, glass, lava rocks, and some of the best masonry in the Austin area will come together to make your space look even better than it did in your imagination.

However, if you could use some help defining your perfect back yard, our landscape designers will use the same care and practices that we use to create the finest watershapes in Austin to bring the element of fire to your property.

The next time you’re spending time in your back yard, consider what a fire pit or outdoor fireplace would bring to the occasion. Imagine breaking free of the limits of your outdoor lighting and the reading on the thermometer.

Maybe it’s time to start playing with fire.