Design stage. This is the fun part. What is on the design, what kind of details do you want in your backyard. Pool design stage. This is where you start exploring options, what you can afford, and how big the pool will be.

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You want to ask the questions listed on the home page. What kind of a pool do I want? Are you going to do a lot of entertaining, for the kids, for health, or for exercise?

There are many considerations in designs. A good designer will listen to you and ask questions, and make suggestions. Contractor experience will come into play here. Can the pool you are designing be built in this yard. What do you want in your backyard? Pool location is very important, is it visual from house for safety. Is the pool easily accessible from the house or yard? Conceder the Water features for sound. Water features can drown out unwanted sounds from a road, airport or other noise. water features are a great visual. Everyone loves to play in a waterfall. The depth of the pool is important as well as size. In considering depths, ask yourself, do I want it for sports, diving, entertainment, and or exercise.. Other considerations are: Elevation, drainage, retaining walls, planters, landscaping, sprinklers all come into play.

Pool design stage.

How they design by hand, cad or 3d is good and bad. Each has its own value. By hand is personal but time-consuming hard to make revisions. Water toys2d is very accurate but hard to visualize great for construction and detail. 3d is very good at visual but can be unrealistic the construction and accuracy is not as good as the 2d. The detail is what you are looking for a good plan will list all the items, show everything that’s included this is very important for things to change when being built the guys building the pool need to see it on the plan. Beach EntryThis should match the proposal and contract. Pool design stage. How fast do you get the plan? It should take 2-5 days at the most. every designer is a different look at the details and how it flows. Some will nail it others will miss the whole idea you will have to decide on design cost and experience together to pick the builder you want to build your pool.