Austin Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape & Low Voltage Lighting

Create an ambiance, showcase your landscape, and light up the night.

The night doesn’t end just because the sun goes down. With the right lighting options, the evening is just getting started when the stars come out to join you.

The problem is getting it right. Too much light and the mood is lost while you and your guests fight through glare and wonder about the last time you saw your sunglasses. Too little light and it’s time to break out the flashlights.

It’s like filling a room with fine furniture and counting on a five dollar lamp to complete the ensemble – it’s bound to fail from the start. This is why your lighting solution needs to be as custom as the landscape it illuminates.

That means working with designers that understand true landscape lighting design. It means working with Austin Pool Specialists.

Like building a jigsaw puzzle, we know that it starts with laying out the boundaries and borders. Pathway lighting then guides guests through the landscape, and away from plant beds and other sensitive elements. Finally, accent lights add highlights and depth, compensating for the shadows that can creep in and make your space feel smaller than it actually is.

For those that have incorporated water into their landscape in the form of pools, spas, waterfalls, or other watershapes, water lighting can add a stunning level of depth and beauty. Multicolored pool lighting brings the scene to life while aquatic reflections dance off of your home and the rest of the back yard.

Advances in home automation make controlling your custom lighting solution as easy as the flick of a wrist and the tap of a finger. Timers ensure that the lights come on when you want them and then shut down before the sun comes up. And LED technology makes all of this long-lasting and highly energy efficient.

The right lighting system can make your landscaped property just as beautiful at night as it is during the day, even adding a sense of other-worldliness and depth not possible when the sun is overhead. Austin Pool Specialists is the premier source of Austin area custom landscape lighting design. Contact us and let us show you why.