New Pool Planning Stage

What are you looking for? Are you looking to entertain in the backyard? What type of entertaining do you do. There are many ways to entertain. Perhaps you like to Grill outdoors. You may want to install an outdoor Enclosure complete with a sink, refrigerator and mixer for drinks. Let’s add a bar to the counter for your guests. New pool planning stage.

Austin Pool Accessories

Having friends over with kids. There are many accessories you can add to the pool. How about a slide, water feature, dive rocks, grottos, volleyball, or basketball. Take these ideas into consideration when designing the pool.

Austin Pool Lighting

Want to show off your backyard? How about special lighting? The advancement of lights in pools has come along the way even in the last few years. Fiber-optics look great in a pool. They come in a variety of styles, from perimeter lighting to accent lighting, floor constellations, to sheer and waterfall lights. New led lighting can create a light show with hundreds of mixes of colors. The advancement of the computer on the pool helps you to control all these features with a push of a button. New pool planning stage.

Austin Spas and Hot tubs

Hot tubs are a great way to meet friends. The hot tub is also a great visible water feature, water features also create great sound. Sound is very important. A quiet trickle can be relaxing with a cup of coffee. Great background noise with good conversation. Greater volumes of water create sounds that can drown out unwanted noise. Like a busy road behind the house, airport, or other noise.

Austin Exercise and Therapy

Is the pool for therapy? Perhaps you need the pool or spa for physical therapy, pools and spas are a great way to exercise for fun or for health. New devices are available for exercise. Reverse weights that use resistance with floats are a great way to exercise in a pool. Of course, laps in the pool are good for anyone. Tired of going to the local pool to cool down? Escape to the backyard, you have privacy, no crowds. Go when you want.

After a long day its nice to jump into the pool and cool off. You don’t have to pack up the kids fight the crowds you just open the back door and jump in.

Austin Pool Safety

Safety is always a concern. As an Austin pool builder we address all the safety needs first and foremost is safety for young children. A variety of ways to protect the pool area from kids. Fencing is one way. In designing the pool to the yard you can use the location of Jandy Pool Equipmentthe pool in the yard to separate the pool area from the kids play area. Fencing around the pool protects the kids and pets. Alarms on the doors and gates are another layer of protection. These alarms are battery operated so if the power goes out a child still is protected if he she goes out the door. Wrist bands and water motion alarms are additional protections. Baby swim suits with floats are good when the kids are learning to swim. No child should be left alone . At Genesis Pools we believe in layers of protection. The first layer being you. Everything else is in addition to you. We want the pool to be a fun and enjoyable experience for you.


How much do I want to spend? Where is the best place to put the money? Make a list of what you want on your pool. Your pool Designer will give you information on items that are important to spend money on and prices for your wish list. It is best to contact your lender and get pre-qualified so you know how much you can spend see budget and financing page. New pool planning stage.

For kids

Accessories, slides, safety area for play, storage, control, supervision, family togetherness, and avoiding crowds.

For entertainment.

Deck area, fire pits, covered patio, TV Grilling, fireplaces, sport pools, water features, lighting, stereo, umbrellas, bar area, access to house bathroom, food, Visibility from the house.

Unique features,

Vanishing edge, landscape, outside entertainment. Health, laps, heat, rails, and spec features. Keep cool.