Pool & Patio Decking

The Foundation of Every Pool and Landscape Project

You have many options for your pool and patio decking, let us help you find the perfect one to compliment your project.

With all of the choices you have when designing your back yard; from landscaping to pools to fire pits, it’s easy to forget the one thing that ties it all together. But make no mistake: whether you’re lounging by the pool or cooking at the grill, your choice of patio or pool decking can make or break the flow of your custom back yard.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we understand. When you’re considering things as big as a pool and the kind of environment you wish to create for the family and friends that you’ll be entertaining, it’s easy to forget about the surface that everyone will stand on. But your decking is so much more than that.

Just as a well composed photograph guides your eye through the picture, a well designed back yard guides your eye from front to back and side to side. Without a proper patio or the right decking, the custom elements that make up your back yard are nothing more than random pieces placed on your property.

Proper design of this space must literally start from the ground up.

What material would you like to use? Is brick your style or are you more of a natural stone fan? Do you understand the care that will be necessary to keep your patio or decking looking like new? How does color factor into your space? Part of the importance of selecting the right decking, especially with natural stone, is the point of selecting the right size of product so that everything will be in proportion. Really small pavers in a large area look busy.

These factors and more will play into the decisions you make as you create the glue that will hold the rest of your back yard landscape together. Thankfully you’ll have the help of some of the best in the business when it comes to Austin-area landscape and watershape design. The designers and sales team at Austin Pool Specialists are here to walk you through your choices and make sure that your vision is our vision. After all, there’s a reason that the feedback we get the most from our clients is how happy they are that we “actually listened” to them.

Whether you have an existing space that could use a face lift or you’re designing the perfect back yard patio or pool deck from scratch, give us a moment of your time to show you how the right decisions now can make all the difference for years to come.