Finding A Pool Contractor in Austin

How do you know which Austin pool builder to choose? Let’s start with basic questions.

This is a long process. Finding the right pool builder will take time and energy. How many companies do you want to interview? Before you start going down the list. I suggest you narrow the list. First, start with your neighbors. Who did they use? What problems did they encounter? Look online and on the BBB website. this will give you more information. When you decide which companies to call. Ask questions, how long have you been doing this. schedule the appointments and allow 1-2 hours. Have a copy of the plat of your property for the salesman. this will give them the information needed to design the pool. An important part of designing the pool is what do you want out of the pool. what concerns do you have?

Three major concerns, Finding a Pool contractor in Austin. Safety, cost of pool maintenance work involved in maintenance.

War stories what do I look for before I sign?

Austin pool builders are very different there are good and bad. A pool builder will promise you they can build you a pool. Each one will tell you they are the best. Built the most, or they have a unique gimmick quickest completion time, Great pictures, an impressive presentation, fancy 3d software, or special equipment no one else has. Each of these things listed are not bad, the problem is some are lying to you others are good at some but not others. Your job is to weed through the impressive sales pitches and find the truth. One key is the attention to you and detail. Building a pool has a lot of detail that needs to be addressed. be sure the contractor is responsive to you and your questions. Finding a pool contractor in Austin.

Keys to look for

Company information. who are they how many pools do they build. Who does the construction and excavations? In-house? Note not always good. The guys in the house only have direction from the boss, If he does not know how to do it. You can run into problems A subcontractor will work for many builders and will use different ways to do things they learn the best ways. Most Austin pool builders use subcontractors, this is ok if they are supervised by the builder a sub with no supervision will cut corners supervision is key.

Pool and Spa with Waterfall

How long do the jobs take or when will I be swimming? The average pool should take 6-8 weeks or longer. Give or take weather or other delays. Many things will delay weather, construction, materials. Jandy Pool Equipment

Do not rush the job. Some companies will try to complete the pool before the gunnite is properly cured. This could cause problems a good rule is 28 days after gunite, for plaster. On average 45-day completion is good.

Questions to ask.

Member of what organizations, check out the association. Years in business, Is it under the same name? What reason for the change. Payments paid to the company or personal Check with subs on how they pay. Ask for list of subs and customers to call or visit. Finding a Pool contractor in Austin.

Are they members of the BBB?

Does the bid include everything? For example landscaping, sprinklers, electrical, gas lines, permits, and other itemDeck Jets Photos. If not are they flexible if you want to use your own sub? Are there any hidden costs like rock charges they did not tell you about? Do they quote you a price without looking at it. As you get into this process you will get a feel for who you like and who you do not want to build your pool.