Custom Spas

Built-in Spas

No back yard is complete without a custom spa to pamper yourself in.

Few things in life are as relaxing as floating in your own back yard pool. There’s something so satisfying about opening your door, stepping outside, and entering a space that is engineered specifically for your comfort and enjoyment. It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

Or does it?

What if you could combine the ability to relax and swim in your pool with the muscle massage and pure indulgence of a built-in spa? Now you can.

Austin Pool Specialists is pleased to offer spa construction to Austin area homeowners. Our custom engineered spa solutions will use your existing infrastructure to create a spa experience so decadent that you’ll never want to leave your back yard.

We’ll start by surveying your current pool in order to determine the best ways to use the space. Then, our designers will coordinate their vision and expertise with your ideas in order to create a custom spa that will relax and entertain you and any number of your family or guests.

Maybe you’d like to swim up to an open seating area that allows you to sit and enjoy as any number of nozzles shoot water at tired legs and massage sore backs. Friends and family join you in taking in the Arizona sun as cares and worries are carried away on jet-powered underwater currents.

Or, perhaps you like to put the “hot” in hot tub. Dual-zone temperature control is easy when you create a completely separate space in your pool for your spa. Create a corner or build a circular enclosure that blends into the existing watershape and isolates the spa from the rest of the pool’s activities. A separate water heater then combines with jets and custom seating to create a space that remains a part of the pool’s activities but is also semi-private and built for pure relaxation.

Your existing pool is the perfect foundation for the addition of a back yard spa and Austin Pool Specialists can show you how to make the most of it. As experts in pool remodeling we have an established history of re-imagining back yard pools and turning them into the watershapes that our clients could only once dream of.

Let us put that expertise to work for you and design custom spa that will entertain and delight, but most of all, will relax you and anyone else who steps in.