Pool Equipment & Upgrades

Replacing and Upgrading Your Pool Equipment

Upgrade your pool equipment to take advantage of the latest technology and energy efficiency savings.

It’s a warm summer day. Family and friends are gathered in your back yard. Chicken and steaks sizzle on the grill while music plays from your outdoor speakers. These are the best of times.

And then it happens.

The pumps stop circulating water. An electrical problem shuts down the lights. The day’s fun has come to an end because something has gone wrong with your pool.

There’s no other way to say it: equipment repair and replacement comes with the territory when you own a pool. These are complex systems with many complicated parts. And, at times, those parts will need your attention.

Thankfully, at Austin Pool Specialists, we offer a full suite of repair services and top of the line upgrades for all of your pool repair and maintenance needs. Whether we’re repairing existing equipment or using the opportunity to breathe some new life into an older setup, we are the premier provider of Austin-area pool equipment repair and upgrades.

High-Efficiency Pool Pumps

Your old pool pump is tired. It’s been working around the clock, day after day, month after month, and year after year. The problem is that it has also been using far more than its fair share of electricity.

Our selection of high-efficiency pool pumps will circulate more water in your pool and use less energy to do it. We can evaluate your needs based on the volume of water in your pool, recommend a solution, and even install it for you. Rest easy knowing that the right pump for your pool was installed by the experts – and it’s saving you money every minute of the day.

Pool Heaters

The average winter daytime high in Austin is 67 degrees. Can you imagine living anywhere else? Still, that’s a touch chilly for an afternoon dip.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Our pool heaters will keep you in your pool any time you want, all year long. Operating with the same modern efficiency as our pool pumps, we’ll make sure you can get in your pool any time, January through December, without paying a fortune in energy bills.

If trying to heat your pool during the coldest months of the year sounds like a bit too much, pool heaters can also be used to simply extend swimming season a little longer (or make it come earlier).

Automation and “Just for Fun”

Create a waterfall at the touch of a button. Transform your entire pool into a Technicolor wonder with multicolor lights at the flip of a switch. Adjust temperature and jet speeds to suit your needs for any particular moment.

Pool automation can create custom environments based entirely on your specifications. One minute your pool is calm and tranquil – perfect for a barbecue or a family gathering. Later in the night however, turn the music up and enjoy the party while your guests enjoy spa jets and splash under the waterfall as your lights change to the beat.

Our experts can make these, and any number of other scenarios happen. We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. Contact Austin Pool Specialists today.