Am I getting the best or the latest equipment?

There are many types of equipment. Some builders never learn about the equipment. They resist change. There are new technologies coming out each year. Jandy PDA A good builder will be up to date with the best equipment. This is important, for experience will make the difference. All equipment will have a warranty. How fast do they respond is important?

How easy is it to take care of the product?

Call the manufacturer’s representative for more info. Check out the website.

Evenings can be the best time to enjoy your pool and spa, so extend the use of your backyard into the evening with Jandy’s complete line of pool and spa lighting.

While enjoying a nightcap or an evening swim, experience an array of brilliant Watercolors that transport your imagination to special places reminiscent of lush emerald islands, Caribbean seas, or the luxurious feeling of floating in soft warm rose petals. Pool Equipment. Jandy Colors pool and spa lights provide the finest and brightest colors for your pool and spa. Engineered with superior design, the Jandy Colors light not only saturates your pool with ten vibrant colors but also creates delightful sparkling ripples on the water surface. Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you’ll enjoy endless nights of brilliant color beyond compare.

Pool Equipment

The new LXi heater and innovative control panel provide built-in automatic lxi Heaterpool to spa switching or easy connection to Jandy RS systems. Control panels can be located in your home or pool house for the ultimate inconvenience.

Pool Features and Options

The choices you have for the backyard today are almost limitless. You can find almost anything on the internet. The pool Industry is advancing each and every year. Poolside features and options.

Let’s start with the pool. You can add water features. waterfalls, Grotto’s, deck jets, Bubblers, Fountains, specialty plasters. numerous material choices. Tile selections, Mosaics Lighting for pool, spa, deck, and landscaping.

Entertain with a Covered patio with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or fireplace. Install a nice T.V. outdoors and watch the game while Cooking. Poolside features and options.

The most important thing is to make it your own. What do you want in your backyard so you can enjoy it.

Jandy Laminar Jets are an exciting new addition to the Jandy Water Features line. The Jandy Laminar Jets produce a clear arc of water as they gently enter any pool or spa. The water flow can be adjusted to arc up to 7’ high and project out 8’ into the pool. Add the enchantment of fiber optic lighting to your Jandy Laminar Jets to create spectacular nighttime entertainment.

Decorative Deck Box Lids are available in three colors to camouflage the units into the backyard landscape. Pebble is the standard lid color, while pewter and black are optional.

Fire Bowls are becoming very popular. The ability to mix fire and water is now easily done. The results are breathtaking. The sound of water combined with the Heat and Light of the fire completes the backyard like no other.