Infinity Pool Cost in Austin

Infinity pools are a trend in the luxury design home at the moment. This style of pool includes a short wall on one side that allows water to spill over, giving the feeling that the pool simply opens up on the horizon. They are a highly sought-after aspect of vacation rentals and hotels, but before you go building one in your own backyard, there are a few things to consider.

To give the optical illusion of water that blends into the surrounding landscape, you’ll need to install a special pump that will filter the water back into its above-pool level. Along with its lovely appearance and neat design, this functionality comes with an equally impressive and hefty cost.

Installing a vanishing-edge pool is a major undertaking and investment. Even after installation, an infinity pool can be expensive because of the amount of energy needed to keep it running. The biggest cost is perhaps installing the basin that serves as the spillover catch and regulates the continual flow of water. Another added expense is treating the short dam wall separating the pool from the spill basin: This wall has to be waterproofed to stand up to the continuous flow of water running over it. Any time you’re talking about high- and low-point designs in pools, there are added costs that take you beyond the scope of a basic swimming pool in order to maintain and create the look of vanishing water.

Vanishing pool or vanishing cash?

Many factors will dictate the cost of creating an infinity pool because it is obviously based on the scale of your project, visual features and water depth. A common deluxe in-ground pool will set you back around $40,000 for the materials and installation. A basic infinity pool with one edge wall can cost $70,000-$80,000. It can, however, increase the overall value of your home by 7%-10%.

How to minimize the cost of an infinity pool

1. Develop design drawings before construction begins to make sure an engineer approves.

2. Use a liquid pool cover to save on energy costs from evaporation.

3. Avoid unusual or steep-sloped sites.

4. Don’t waste money on the pool floor since it won’t be the main focus.

5. Spend the majority of your budget on cost-effective walls and concrete top walls.

Keep in mind that not all pool specialists are skilled in the art of installing infinity pools; you definitely want a contractor skilled in custom design. If you’re thinking about installing an edgeless concept pool to transform your outdoor space, contact a local Austin pool contractor today.