Pool Service After Construction

I often say the start of the relationship with the customer, begins when we finish the pool. What do you do when the pool is finished? Do you know how to take care of your investment? If something breaks down, who do you call? Does the company know their product? Can they answer your question? Service after construction. Most sales forces can not. They will push you off to a service company. The service company will not give you too much time for they want to be paid. A good builder will try to fix the problem at no cost right away. A little-known secrete is the builder does not want to pay the service company unless he has to. For many years I did startups for builders and they refused to pay for their mistakes. They tried to blame the sub who would not want to fix the problem. Many times I fixed things for free because I felt bad for the customer. There are many builders like this. Service is rare after the sale. You want someone with a service background or service department to fix the problem. Service after construction.

Research the company do they get regular training, do they have certificates, what kind of training. Service after construction. For example, some companies go to training every year. They are willing to learn others never go. They are stuck in their ways and never learn. A company should be able to fix the little things this may not seem like much but when the heater breaks and you have a party you will want someone to a least try to fix the problem the warranty company may take several days before they get to your house.

Pool Service post-construction.

Service is a relationship. When you have Genesis Pools build your pool, you will have service at your fingertips. We take pride in taking care of all your needs. Questions change upgrades, call us and we can help.

Maintaining Your Pool

Maintaining your pool is very important. You have just spent a lot of money on your pool, you will want to take care of your investment. It is quite simple and takes very little time and maintenance to take care of your pool. There are certain things you will need to do during the year. Much like a car, the pool needs maintenance.


Depending on the time of the year you will do routine maintenance.  Maintaining your pool, once a week clean the baskets, the cleaner bag, pump basket if needed, and any screens. Brush tile, net pool and clean if needed. Check the water, add appropriate chemicals and you are done. This will take about 20 minutes more if you clean the pool. Check water levels, more often in summer.


Take a sample of water to the local pool store if needed. They can analyze the water and recommend the proper chemicals. Test G.F.C.I. plug. Make sure the switch is tripping if not it needs to be changed.


Maintaining your pool.

  1. Clean your filter with a filter cleaner to remove any oils and grease that may have accumulated in your filter.
  2. Always seek the advice of a pool professional, your local Pool Retailer, regarding any special or unusual problems.
  3. Have water checked for the start of the season, and the end of the season.
  4. check the computer controls to make sure it is programmed for summer hours and winter hours.
  5. If you have an auto-fill check the float valve for proper functioning.