How to reduce the running costs for your swimming pool

When we undertake our swimming pool inspections it is surprising how many people are running their swimming pools without consideration for their running costs. You could say that if you can afford a swimming pool, then you can afford the running costs for their upkeep and heating. It is not uncommon for us to measure the energy consumption for an indoor swimming pool and calculate that some pool owners are spending $1000.00 per month to use their indoor swimming pool.

Indoor swimming pool costs

To help swimming pool owners understand where the costs of their swimming pools are going, we devised a ten point plan that allows most pool owners to reduce their running costs. The majority of these suggestions are aimed at the indoor swimming pool owner, who not only need to heat the swimming pool water, but also need to heat the pool hall air and control its humidity to reduce condensation.

Some of the suggestions can be used by pool owners for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools with the minimum of expenditure, but they will provide considerable savings on the running costs you will be paying each month. Some pool owners have been able to save between £300.00 and £500.00 per month by implementing these suggestions and these savings are not only for this year, but for all the years you will own a swimming pool, which in the life of a swimming pool is a considerable sum.

Commissioning of swimming pools

Even some brand new swimming pool installations have been found to not be commissioned correctly and consuming too much energy. All swimming pools need to be commissioned to ensure they operate to the pool designers specification. This commissioning will need to include the boilers that provide the LPHW for the heat exchangers, interlocking the swimming pool controls so the boilers only run when there is a demand.

10 ways to reduce your pool running costs

  1. Cover the swimming pool surface when not being used.

  2. Reduce the pool air temperature when covered.

  3. Only run the filtration system for the minimum period necessary.

  4. Use heat recovery equipment.

  5. Reduce the amount of pool chemicals you use.

  6. Replace old mechanical devices for newer digital versions.

  7. Consider upgrading the filtration system.

  8. Use alternative heat sources to heat the pool.

  9. Fit new LED bulbs instead of high energy bulbs.

  10. Use specialist pool companies to set up your pool system.

We hope you found this information helpful, feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment to look at ways to reduce your swimming pool running costs.

Remember we can help in the design of swimming pools, inspect swimming pools as they are being built, or do a final inspection on completion of the project. We also undertake specialist activities such as leak detection, servicing and maintaining of swimming pool equipment. So if you are in need of a quality service, require any support or further information, then please contact us