Backyard Game & Sports Courts

Basketball? Volleyball? Tennis? Enjoy all the activity you can handle with your very own sports court.

For some, the back yard is a place of relaxation. It is a place of solace and refuge from the world around them. When the stresses of day to day life become too much, they know they can retreat to a space custom made and designed to make them forget about the world around them and return them to a state of inner peace and tranquility.

This page is not for those people.

This page is for the golfer so obsessed with improving his game that he needs a putting green in his backyard for practice sessions whenever he wants. This page is for the basketball player so driven to succeed that she is compelled to practice an hour in the morning and an extra hour or two in the evening. This page is for the couple so competitive that they need to be able to take it to the court whenever the urge strikes. This page is for the family that understands that families that play together, stay together.

If your idea of a custom landscaped back yard is more putting green than pergola or more basketball court than baskets of plants, then Austin Pool Specialists would like to turn your back yard into the sporting venue of your dreams.

Asphalt and concrete come together to create basketball and tennis courts built to regulation measurements or scaled to the space you have available. At the same time, our artificial turf for golf and football is so lush and thick that it will give the natural grass at University of Austin Stadium a run for its money.

Our designers and engineers will survey your back yard and create a solution that is both functional and visually appealing. Your sport court will be integrated into the existing landscape or form the basis of a brand new creation. In the end, participating in your favorite outdoor sport will be as simple as stepping out into your back yard.

Austin Pool Specialists is pleased to have created some of the most stunning landscaped grounds and watershapes in the greater Austin metropolitan region. Let us put that same expertise to work for you in the creation of your custom back yard sporting area.